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 CitiBuy Vendor Support Portal Overview (Updated 10/16/08)

The purpose of this article is to provide the CitiBuy user community with a basic overview of portal components and navigation.  To learn more about the portal functionality, please download "CitiBuy Portal Overview Guide" available in the Downloads section.

This CitiBuy Support Portal is organized into the following main components:

Register - this component of the portal allows visitors to create a user account in the portal.  The purpose of having a user account is to be able to track ticket progress and status.  Registration is not required to view content on this portal.  The portal will automatically create a user account when you submit your first ticket request to the CitiBuy Helpdesk.

Submit A Ticket - this component of the portal allows visitors to initiate a new support ticket request for any issues related to CitiBuy system.  The user is required to provide basic information to initiate a request for assitance.  Once the request is submitted, the portal will alert the appropriate CitiBuy helpdesk personnel of your request.  You will also receive an email confirmation when you first open a new ticket, as well as any future updates for your request.  Please ensure that when you reply to any email received from the portal, you preserve the original ticket number in the subject line of your email which ensures that your correspondence will be attached to the right ticket within the portal's tracking system.

Knowledgebase - this component of the portal allows visitors to browse a variety of knowledgebase articles on how to use the CitiBuy system.  Articles in the Knowledgebase are organized by topic (category).  You can browse and view the different articles by clicking on the article's title. 

Troubleshooter - this component provides users with a mechanism to obtain additional guidance based on their own set of unique circumstances.  The troubleshooter will ask you a series of questions to help you find the solution to your problem.

News - this component contains an archive of news articles related to the CitiBuy support portal only.  The CitiBuy system has it's own news articles mechanism that doesn't overlap with conent in this section.

Downloads - this component contains a library of files organized by topic that you can download to your computer and study to get more information about a specific topic related to CitiBuy.

Login - this component allows users to login to their account on this support portal.  When logged in, you can check on the status of your pending support requests and update your personal profile information. This login is different than your login to CitiBuy system.

Search - this component allows users to conduct a search of the entire support site or by one of the portal components such as Knowledgebase, Downloads or Troubleshooter. 

Latest News - this component allows users to see titles of the latest published news articles related to the support portal.  You can view the news by clicking on the news title or viewing it through the main News component of the portal. 

If you have a problem or a question about any aspect of the CitiBuy system, please browse the Knowledgebase first to see if your issue has been addressed by a specific article.  If after conducting a search of the Knowledgebase you are still unable to resolve your issue, please open a new support ticket request through the Submit A Ticket component of this portal.

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